Hell — LED Luminaire


The brief was to design a family of luminaires for the retail environment using new LED lights from tp24. Hell means bright in German. The name is also metaphorical for the red tint the lamp emits.



To create a light for an environment in which luminaires are usually ugly and hidden in the ceiling.
I imagined my light in the ceiling, but with its effect showing a unique pattern on the store’s interior.


This 5th prototype used cut up tin foil to amplify the light’s reflection. I took my phone’s flash to test it.

hell_03 hell_06 hell_05 hell_04

Later on, with the official LEDs, I got a better result. I developed a “shade” from a polypropylene folder which happened to be red.

I placed it on a more powerful lamp to get the right effect.

hell_08 hell_18 hell_17 hell_16 hell_15 hell_14 hell_13 hell_12 hell_11 hell_10 hell_09