Nick’s Modular Workstation


This was the final and most exciting project of last year. The brief was to go out, find a client, identify their problem and solve it, all under the umbrella of Fixperts.
Nick is a personal trainer working for Hillingdon Mental Health. He started Recycle-a-Bike as a place for patients to come and socialise while learning the skills to become professional bike mechanics.
We created a modular workstation unit with storage space inside.
The unit only cost £10 to produce, relying on scrap plywood and old inner tubing, keeping with the green ethos of Recycle-a-Bike.



At times, there are 16 people in this tiny workshop. It becomes hard to access tools and movement is very restricted, which makes the job of fixing bikes difficult.

It began back in February, where our group of incredibly capable people went to a local disability event. There, we got to know Nick. The concept was to go out, find a client, identify their problem and solve it, all under the name of Fixperts.


Fixperts is about promoting creative and social values through design. Communicators and designers work together to create projects that demonstrate the use of imagination and skills through fixing.

Fixing projects are captured in mini documentaries introducing the people and the story of the process.

First, we went to workshops and produced the miniature prototype to demonstrate our thinking.

Nick was pleased with our little solution and next we thought up and realised a larger model, to scale, to see if it fitted into the boot of his minivan.



It fit. Nick was comfortable with the working height we derived from a book on ergonomics. And so we eagerly began building the final product for him.



We made sliding shelves with an inner tubing holding the tools in place. Big wheels allowed for smooth movement and had brakes, good for stationary work.




At the end of our venture, we held an exhibition, with every group presenting their 3-minute documentary videos, introducing their fixpartner and design. Daniel Charny, one of the initiators of the Fixperts movement, honoured us with his presence and we received some helpful advice and praise.

Finally, here is our 3-minute video, featured by Fixperts on their website:

Thank you Nick.