Eau — Responsive Water Tube


For people to remember and value your company, you need a clear and consistent identity. The Integrated Knowledge Brief, IKB, taught us how to create a meaningful and truly memorable connection with people.

What matters is the history of interaction, the associations that people have with the objects, and the memories they evoke.
— Donald A. Norman


With the help of a connoisseur, I developed a new water bottle that collapses when empty, saving space when not used.
It had to be conform to cryptic airline regulations, be durable and intuitive.


Frequent Light Travellers

Our target market is frequent flyers or people who just enjoy products designed for portability.

I got on a cheap flight to Europe and spoke to flight attendants and passengers about their issues.

People don’t listen. They don’t understand the problems and get frustrated. There are really too many regulations.
— Amanda, EasyJet Crew

Familiarity in form and function are what entice people to engage with the product and enjoy using it.

What I’m doing


This is Cuturon. It’s an eco-friendly soft-touch synthetic fibre paper.

It resists wear and tear, solvents, temperature and water and is ISO 307 approved for food contact.

This is a water tube. As you drink, it shrinks. That way, once it has done its job, it even fits in your pocket.


Taking apart and cleaning the product is an important aspect.

It has to be an unobstrusive task. Once filled, the bottle will shape itself inside the palm of your hand. Ergonomics are crucial.


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